Addmefast is free social exchange network which helps you grow your social presence.

Currently thanks to Addmefast you can get more and more Facebook likes,
Facebook subcriptions, Google circles, Google +1 , Twitter followers,
YouTube views , YouTube channel subscription, YouTube Video likes ,
Pinterest followers, Soundcloud music listening, Digg followers,
StumbleUpon followers and Website hits .
We give you the opportunity to look and choose who you want
to like/subscribe/ follow/view and skip those who you are not interested in.
The Registration on Addmefast is very simple and fast.
During the registration we request only your real email address in order
to send you the confirmation email and 100 points at start.
Before starting using our service all the users must read and accept our T&Cs.

**How to get started**

If you have already registered and logged in, you can do the following steps:
You can add your pages/accounts/music videos/websites
clicking on the green button ” Add Site/Page”.
You have to choose a network type, input title (if necessary),
then add the URL or username/ID and set CPC * (Cost (points) Per Click
for your Site/Page – min=2 and max=10) and then click the save changes button.
You can delete the link that you have added whenever you want taking
into consideration that the link that you have removed can’t be
added any more by another user but you. You can add unlimited amount
of links for any type of network.

**How to get points**

You can get free points by liking/following/viewing/subscribing/listening
the others pages/accounts/videos/profiles/music.
You can receive daily bonus points (100).
You can choose our affiliate programmes to earn more free points.

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